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Missouri Assessments (MAP)

Missouri State Assessments - MAP Grade Level Assessments

Grade Level Assessments (GLAs) are yearly, standards-based tests that measure specific skills defined for each grade by the state of MIssouri.  All students in grades 3-8 will participate in ELA and math assessments, with science assessments administered in grades 5 & 8.  Grade-Level Assessments provide important information that informs decisions about individual students, groups of students, and educational programs. 

The Spring 2023 testing window for 3rd-8th grade students will be April 3-May 19.  Most students in Kirkwood will complete the MAP tests in late April or early May.  Please contact your school principal if you need more specific information.

The 2023 Grade Level Assessments in ELA, math, and science will be aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards (2016).

Grade Level Assessments in all grades will include traditional multiple-choice items and technology-enhanced items designed to elicit student knowledge and skills in new ways.  All grades will also complete a short performance event in math (15-30 minutes).  Fourth and eighth graders will complete a writing prompt item in ELA.  Science assessments will also include constructed-response items.

  • ELA Assessments consist of either three sessions (grades 3/5/6/7) or four sessions (grades 4/8).  In grades 4 and 8, the first session will include passage-based items – including a passage-based writing prompt to be scored on a ten-point rubric.  All sessions will contain selected-response and technology-enhanced items.

  • Math assessments consist of three sessions.  The first and second sessions include selected-response and technology enhanced items.  The third session includes a performance event.

  • Science assessments consist of two sessions, each including constructed response, multiple-choice, and technology-enhanced items.

Additional information about the MAP grade level assessments can be found below, linked to the Department of Elementary & Secondary Education website (DESE).