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Welcome Letter

We are excited to welcome our newest Roadrunners for the 2024-2025 school year! 

 We are so happy that you are joining us at Robinson!  Our first day of school is August 20th.  You will meet the Kindergarten teaching team on August 13th at our Back to School Block Party from 4:30pm-6:00pm.  

Info on Class Placements: 

At Robinson, and most of the other elementary schools, we handle Kindergarten class placements a bit differently than our other grades. Rather than assigning classes without really knowing your kids, we take the first five-ten days of Kindergarten to get to know them so we can make informed class placements. 

All of our Kindergarten kids will be placed in a “home-base.” This will be the classroom they go to first thing in the morning and dismiss from EVERYDAY during the first few days of school. Students will have color coded wristbands to match their home base teacher. This home base teacher will be your main point of contact for the first days of school. You will hear from your home base teacher prior to our Back to School Block Party. 

During these first days of school, the kids will be given opportunities to learn school routines, talk about friendships and other “first-days-of-school content” in all of the Kindergarten classrooms with lots of different kids, and with each teacher. We will be looking for awesome partnerships, similar learning styles, positive connections and just generally, good fits. Students will begin in their final class placements on Tuesday, September 3rd. You will be notified via email of the final class placements and teacher assignments. 

We are excited to give our Kindergarten kids the same opportunity to interact and learn with different peers that we give our current kids, in order to make the best instructional grouping decisions. 

Looking forward to a magical year of Kindergarten! 


The Kindergarten Team
Elena Fitzhenry, Carrie Intagliata, Cindy Star, Bridget Waldman

Robinson Administration Team
La'Kendra Garrett, Principal
Jennifer Bordenkircher, Assistant Principal