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Absence and Tardy Expectations

Absences and Tardies

It just makes sense that the more you are in school....the more you will learn! That being said, things happen! One bout of strep can wipe out 3 or more days, an unexpected death in the family or even that long awaited for, off-season-because-the-crowds-are-hopefully-better trip to Disney can take kids out of school. As per KSD policy, part of our responsibilities at school are to monitor and keep families notified of how many days kids miss and/or are late to school ~ regardless of the reason.

Every four to six weeks we run attendance and tardy reports and begin to notify parents of absences of 5, 10 or 15+ days ~ again, regardless of reasons. We also notify families of excessive tardies. This is just a notification. If we have bigger concerns we will be reaching out and offering support. And it goes both ways ~ if you receive a letter stating higher than expected tardies or absence and need any assistance or problem solving, call Dima Shabaneh (social worker), Indria Harris, or Tamra Fauss.