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Safety Reminders for Morning Dropoff

Safety Reminders for Morning dropoff

If your family uses our morning car drop off procedures, please read on for a few safety reminders and share them with your Robinson students. We appreciate your help in keeping all of our students safe!

  • Please, please, please monitor your speed as you travel the drop off route.  Cars seem to be getting faster as the year goes on. Enjoy a few extra seconds of early morning chit chat with your kiddo as you casually and slowly cruise to the drop off area! 
  • Please hang up the phone when you turn into the driveway.  
  • Pull up as far as you can before putting your car in park. We typically have one staff member posted close to the driveway leading out. Head for her! 
  • Staff are there to assist kids getting out of cars, if needed. Adults, please help us keep our process running efficiently by NOT getting out of your cars. Feel free to open your car window and flag one of us over if you we missed your kiddo!  
  • If you are pulled up on the outside (closest to the field lane) kids should FREEZE when they exit the car until a staff member has told them to cross over. We have had kids "bolting," without waiting for a staff member to connect with them resulting in near heart attacks and an increase of gray hair on your morning-drop-off-crew's head.  Please support our cardiovascular health and hair coloring budgets by making sure any kiddo exiting your car from the outside lane FREEZES until we cross them.

Truly, our drop off is a really efficient system and we appreciate your efforts. We just need to tighten up some pieces to keep kids (and staff) safe.