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Morning Arrival

Morning Arrival 

An overview of our morning drop off routines.


  • Front circle drive will be for BUS traffic only.  Please do not drop your child off on Couch Avenue. This is incredibly dangerous!  Please drive through our drop off on the playground (see below).
  • NO SUPERVISION until 8:25.  
  • Gates in the back of school will be open for car drop offs to pull in, at 8:20am. However, kids are not dismissed from cars until 8:30am. 

If your child…

Walks to school 

  • Walkers should try and stay on the sidewalk.
  • Do not arrive before 8:25.

Is dropped off in a vehicle - NO SUPERVISION UNTIL 8:30, please wait in your car until we are outside.

  • Pull in the NORTH DRIVEWAY (IE at Rose Hill & Couch)
  • Drive around the back of the building, onto the playground.
  • Pull all the way around to the side of the gym (ie facing the field)
  • We will be there to help your kids get out of cars safely.  Adults should remain in the car.
  • We will walk your students into the building.
  • Depending on traffic, we may make two lines.

Our usual drop off rules apply:

  • ADULTS stay in the car
  • Kids exit on the building side of the car; driver's side. (Please consider this as you arrange car seats etc.)
  • Hugs and kisses are given prior to drop off.
  • If you want to give extra XOXO’s do so prior to entering the drop off lane.

Exiting the Playground Space in your vehicle:

  • As you pull forward, you will move to the RIGHT side of the driveway to turn RIGHT onto COUCH or to the LEFT side of the driveway to turn LEFT onto