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Mary Beth Kesler - Music

Mrs. Mary Beth Kesler

I am Mary Beth Kesler, music teacher at Robinson Elementary! I love my job for many reasons, but getting to grow with every student from Kindergarten through fifth grade is my most beloved privilege. Throughout the elementary years, my goal is to facilitate love for music in every child, and give each learner the confidence they need to participate in any music experience of their choosing---from clapping along at a concert to performing in a symphony hall. I strive to design activities that will support the whole learner through individual and group performances, student-driven compositions, and exploration of speech, singing, movement, and instruments. I am a learner, I love making music with my students, and to see what my students and colleagues can teach me each year!

My husband of 19 years, Ben, and two children, Delphina (12) and Paxton (10) love spending time riding bikes, playing cards, traveling, and watching movies; that is, when we aren't traveling for all the extra-curricular activities.

I am proud to be a fifth generation public school educator, and to walk alongside my mom, aunt, uncle, and husband who also teach at various levels in music education. I hold a Bachelor of Music Education from Greenville University, and a Master of Music Education from Boston University. I began my career in 2003, as an Assistant Choral Director at Parkway South High, and two years later, was hired as a K-5 Elementary Music Specialist at Wren Hollow Elementary in the Parkway School District. My husband and I relocated to Chicago in 2008, where I accepted a position teaching K-3 Music, in Schiller Park, at John F. Kennedy School. The beautiful skyline of Chicago could not keep us, we missed Saint Louis too much, and returned (with two babies!) in 2011. I have been thrilled to work with Robinson students for just over a decade, and I look forward to all the bright years ahead!